Granite - Granite is an igneous rock formed by volcanic

action or intense heat composed mostly of

feldspars and quartz. Granite's beauty, strength and

durability make it one of the most popular countertop

choices in today's market.



Marble - Marble  is a metamorphic rock composed mainly of

calcite and dolomite. The texture is a result of the metamorphism

of limestone by heat and pressure. Marble is generally a softer,

 more porous stone than granite.



Limestone & Travertine - these are sedimentary rocks

 composed almost completely of calcium carbonate. They are very

porous stones.



Soapstone - Soapstone is metamorphic rock whose chief 

component is Talc. It has a powdery texture and is extremely

resistant to heat and acids. The color is generally gray to green. 



Quartz - Quartz surfaces are engineered stones. They are

composed of 93% crushed quartz and 7% resin.                                           




Indiana Marble & Granite, Inc.


         Edge Profiles

    Eased             Quarter Round          Bevel

  Large Bevel             Chiseled           Half Bullnose      

   Full Bullnose            Ogee             


Quartz Surfaces

        LG Viatera (R)


Hanstone Quartz 

Corian Quartz 


Due to supply chain issues set cove and soft ogee edges are not available.