Indiana Marble & Granite, Inc

Disclaimer: Marble, granite and natural stone are products of nature. As each piece of marble, granite, etc., is virtually unique as to veining, tint, density, etc., any samples submitted are with the understanding that the above mentioned qualities are inherent (in varying degrees) in the nature of the product, also minor pitting and/or surface fissures are normal in natural stones and none of the above mentioned characteristics are to be considered defects. Color, veining and tint may vary from lot to lot and samples are representative of the overall characteristics of the stone. Slabs may be viewed at our location or at various distributors in the area.

Lead TimesAfter ordering, our project turnaround time (from template to installation) ranges from 10 to 21 business days, depending on our work load and the complexity of your job.
Job site is ready for template when: All necessary appliances including cooktop, down draft, stove, sinks, faucets, soap dispenser, hot water dispensers, or any other pertinent items on site. Sinks may be taken at the time of template and returned at the time of installation. Apron/Farm style sinks must be set in place at the time of template. All cabinets must be set and leveled by an experienced cabinet installer when we arrive to template. Granite will not bend or form to out of level cabinets and may cause breakage at critical cutouts.
We are notresponsible for the leveling of cabinets or knee walls.
Template: The home owner or (designated decision-maker over the age of 18) MUST be present during the entire template process. This person will have to answer questions in regards to seaming, corner radius, overhangs and “special designs” on island, etc; therefore it is recommend that this person is familiar with the project.
Pricing: We have priced your order based on measurements that you have provided. If field measurements are otherwise, we will adjust accordingly.
Removal of old tops: Installation of natural stone or quartz surfaces does not include removal of old tops unless arrangements have been made for us to do so. If we are installing your new top in an existing kitchen, there may be unfinished areas of your wall or cabinets that will be exposed and / or covered by your new top. We DO NOT finish these areas.
Plumbing and Wiring: These are not included in any installation. We are not plumbers or electricians. We will disconnect your sink when removing old tops, but we are NOT responsible for any leaks or damage. We will NOT reconnect sinks or cooktops. Undermount sinks will be mounted and all necessary faucet drillings will be done. Sink cutouts are done with the granite overhanging approximately ¼” unless customer otherwise specifies. Cutouts for drop in sinks and cooktops will be completed on the job site and dusting is to be expected.
Incidental Damage: Final wall preparation (painting, wallpaper, etc) should NOT be completed prior to installation if at all possible. Care will be exercised during the countertop installation; however scrapes, punctures or digs are possible. These items are considered incidental damages and are customer’s responsibility to repair.
Seaming: Placement of seams is the discretion of the fabricator, seams will be as tight as possible and will be visible to the eye or touch. Due to variations in some materials, the gauging (variations in thickness) on the seams may not be perfect. Color coordinated filler will be used to form the seam and blend in with countertop. Even though a customer is consulted with regards to the seam location, the fabricator reserves the right to adjust if needed.